are in the world for the first time succeeded
in the development of the Robot Hemming System.
Robot technology developed in the RHS, providing worldwide, innovative production
and processing systems, quality improvement, cost reduction,further contributing to the realization of saving space.

Robot Hemming System
Introduction of Robot Hemming System with various benefits compared to conventional stamping press.
Robot Machining System
Introduction of the became adopted the exclusive Inverter control software with general purpose Robot Machining System.
Robot Friction Stir Welding System
Introduction of difference in quality and cost reduction, compared to the arc welding Robot Friction Stir Welding system.
Robot Polishing System
Introduction of the benefits of achieving uniformity improvement of work efficiency and quality of Robot Polishing System.
TRI's Dynamics
Introducing the world’s first development dynamics of the story of experts in each department.
Number of TRI
The introduction tells numbers TRI ENGINEERING achievements and footprints.


Robot technology could spread the next generation of development aiming at the revolution.

In 1991, TRI ENGINEERING COMPANY LIMITED in the world for the first time of Robot Hemming System successfully developed Today, Offers RHS in a variety of industries including automotive companies in Japan and abroad. Robot technology is utilized in the evolution of the Robot Machining System and Robot FSW systems, various production and processing technology.
TRI ENGINEERING specific technologies go forward as the research and development of robot system products and manufacturers systems integration, based on that, it's next-generation manufacturing to promote reforms aimed at. From there we will see big role of ROBOT + REVOLUTION = ROBOLUTION COMPANY.

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【Head Office ・ Main Factory】
2-601 Hanasakidai, Moriyama-ku, Nagoya 463-0808 Japan

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