TRI's Sales strengths

Takeyuki TODASales Engineering Sect.2 Sales Dept Manager
Kazuyoshi NISHIISales Engineering Sect.2 Sales Dept

While information gathering operations at the suggestion of the user first connects great trust.

Sales stuff's mission is provide the best systems to customers. Therefore a thorough hearing is important.
Identify customer’s needs it is a sales strengths will be tested, customer needs process speed or beautiful quality, so different starting line is a after that process is very different.
Sales Engineering Sect.2 Sales Dept Manager Mr. Takeyuki TODA said " One of the case for customers needs that not required robot we think. The best proposals for think from the perspective of the user first to support the growing up for the customers.
In some cases we propose a dare into account economic efficiency as well as the not fully automated system." also Mr, TODA said "Will be changed to expand the company's business and sales knowledge" He provides examples of the Robot Machining System by adopting universal heavy-duty robots such as deburring, cutting, drilling.
Such new businesses as well as automotive industries and expanded into new areas including materials.

Need to acquire knowledge in the sales so far, more than collect information That role required for sales becomes the core of corporate communication Business information be delivered company from sales through design/ manufacturing engineering/ electrical engineering personnel each and will prepare the environment to share information, enables the best development.
In the project team, sales never lead just like the lubricants for team member is demonstrate the best.
Also Sales Engineering Sect.2 Sales Dept Kazuyoshi NISHII said As much as possible go down to the factory, for information exchange with engineers. I decided this company because manufacturing and sales sites is very close.
Those born with close Feeling with others involved in the eyes have always that way I can confidently offer to our customers." that Mr. NISHII's coment We can understand the total power of the team is a TRI ENGINEERING basics.