TRI's Design draftings

Kazuya HIGASHIDesign Engineering Sect. Producton Dept
Reiko ORIKASADesign Engineering Sect. Producton Dept

Utilizing the evolution of technology to the high precision design and tied to new product development.

Draw the drawing accurately reflects the needs of our customers and passes to the manufacturing engineering.
Currently, Responsible for design and technology to keep pace with the evolution of technology grow to accommodate extended beyond some basic work space. Example verification work using robot simulation software.
High-quality drawings, but one of the case occurs, unexpected there is no using the tool space depending on where to assemble the systems Traditional reflected the design for image in my head was required
Off-line teaching using simulation software and join responsible for the design, to check the data and behavior and drawing alone was not enough validation became to the possible Design Engineering Sect. Producton Dept Manager Kazuya HIGASHI said "As a first step in the design quality is improved is of course went to the scene and make detailed adjustments" Manufacturing engineering and communication efficiency is improved by working together and has produced effects that lead to the shortening of deadlines
Design engineering section utilizing another business has grown as a Product development of a 3D printer
Research how to use as well as improve the functionality previously remained a simple modeling work and we providing customers combined the metal parts with resin hybrid product.

Design Engineering Sect. Producton Dept Reiko ORIKASA said "Evolution of 3D printers became not only able to produce larger-sized ones. Applications range expanded greatly and become even finer structures" A customer asking us to “ cannot be a such a thing?” we meet the needs of the individual while leading to the accumulation of know-how

At the moment we developed hand jig is currently utilizing a hybrid form provides a lightweight and superior workability.