TRI's Technological strengths

Nobuhiko MIZUNOProduction Engineering Sect 2. Producton Dept
Hirokazu KOBAYASHI製造部
Production Engineering Sect 1. Producton Dept

Maintaining the quality and to explore new areas. The technology will expand possibilities of robots.

Role in the production department of the production engineering section It finished the drawing to validate the operation actually manufactures Keep the TRI ENGINEERING quality and have earned from customers trust The three of the primary operations. One is a offline teaching, a complex movement of the robot to simulate on a computer and download the data to the actual robot.
Two is assembly, As the design diagram head and roller mounted on the tip of the robot arm Three is a final adjustments, we called Robot Teaching.
Arrange the best of their operation and performance at the customers factory.
For example of Robot Hemming System, we do the trial in the customers factory and if that quality is bad we adjustment in there.
Production Engineering Sect 2. Producton Dept Manager Nobuhiko MIZUNO said "Discussion with design section many times and the adjustment with the offline teaching, but depending on field conditions due to errors. So robot teaching is a do with a very critical eye." Make the most of the expectations robot for customer need.

Embodies the Tri engineering base with completely new ideas and technology example is a robot laser marker system.
Under the strictest quality assurance situation. If product Should be a problem. Solved thoroughly traces the cause occurs Devised to enable traceability (that you can track) 2-dimensional code marking Production Engineering Sect 1. Producton Dept Hirokazu KOBAYASHI said "Add to the laser marker system to existing press line and lnstallation space was limited. It is a tough condition, but utilizing the technology of robots and everything is clear."

We developed Robot Laser Marker System. So we did trial many times for print a clear three-dimensional surface and then we have developed the world's first system

The robot’s possibility to unexplored areas. TRI ENGINEERING with flexible ideas and technologies that enable it also one of-a-kind facilities sent off into the world