TRI's Now and the future

Takeharu OKAGeneral Manager
Director. Sales Dept. and Development Dept.

From Robot Hemming System's TRI to Systemintegrator TRI.
Roles changed greatly from now.

TRI ENGINEERING strengths. That is, we developed a robotic system with customers' needs The whole new answer exceeds customer need.
One is a development began in 1985 and in 1991 completed for the first time in the world of Robot Hemmning System.
Sales Dept. and Development Dept. General Manager Takeharu OKA said "The challenge anyone has said “that is can not”. But now that challenge system delivers to the domestic and foreign automotive manufacturers and construction equipment manufacturers about 320 systems and 850 JIGs. That system take the establish the position of the world standerd."

We are developing servo pressure robot hemming systems. That can provide consistent quality with Servo heads with feedback controller. That is a sign of the continued further toward the heights challenge

From 2013. Servo Robot Hemming System introduction are 1/3 of the entire Robot Hemming System of delivery.
TRI ENGINEERING became synonymous with robot hemming systems for further innovative system development based on our knowledge and strive. For Example our Robot Machining System is one robot working processes of aluminum die-cast, aluminum extrusion hole drilling, Rear axle welding bead cutting and Composite material base trim.

This system is a breakthrough approach to spindle motor change to suit requirements compared to greatly enhance the versatility of a conventional then MC machine.
Our FSW less then arc welding of Heat distortion and Loose connections This system is about the hopes will lead to the transformation of production and processing systems

A new system based on robot production is born to line up of functionality and efficiency improvement to customer needs.

Mr. OKA said "We believe as a system integrator can take part in the production system of responding to the further specifications and conception."